D-Day: Day of Days ~ June 16


DOD no arrow 2018

June 16th

This is the third Paintball Scenario event of the season so join in on another great day at TRP. Produced by the guys .68 caliber this D-Day Beach Landing scenario is not to be missed.

On June 16th, join Three Rivers Paintball and .68 Caliber Productions for their special Day of Days: D-Day Invasion Scenario.

The beach landing will kick off the game and US players will be facing higher German fortifications. More of a “Pointe Du Hoc.” Knotted ropes will be secured to the higher points to help players get up to the top. There are several easier paths up to the German bunkers, but we anticipate they’ll be heavily defended. The choice is yours.

Players will have a central HQ with a general and his staff. The generals will be in charge of issuing all attack orders throughout the day. The event will not be scripted. Generals will tell you what flag zones to capture/defend and what type of side missions you will need to complete. Ie: Retrieve ammo crates, rescue downed pilots, snipe the enemy command, etc.

.68 caliber looks forward to bringing this great event back to the local paintball scene and hope you’ll all join us this July for its reemergence at Three Rivers!

* This will be an all day NON-Stop game with continuous respawns and commanded by Generals on the field.

All Pre-registered players get 200 “FREE Paintballs”


First 100 Players get a FREE Event Sticker


SCENARIO PAINTBALL EVENTS (snow, rain or shine)


8:30 AM Registration & Air open
9:00 AM Chronograph Open; Limit 280fps
9:30 AM Rules & Orientation
10:00 AM Game on!
1:00 PM Lunch – Game Pauses
2:00 PM Game Resumes
5:00 PM Prizes, Awards, and Event Ends


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