WW II: Invasion Of Normandy ~ April 21



WWII: Invasion Of Normandy
April 21, 2018 – Saturday

Engage in a masterful collection of WWII themed battles focused on the Battle of Normandy delivered Mission Masters style! Turn back time to 1944 for the Invasion of Normandy. Gritty mil-sim paintball battle awaits any who dare! Join the US Army Airborne attempting to dislodge and defeat the German occupation of France or serve the German Wehrmacht Army to dominate Western Europe.

An original paintball action-adventure by Mission Masters.

All Pre-registered players get 200 “FREE Paintballs”

Pre-Registration will be open 30 days prior to event. Check back soom

SCENARIO PAINTBALL EVENTS 2018 (snow, rain or shine)
Registration begins at 8:30 AM with the first game starting at 10:00 AM
Late arrivals will be inserted into the game at the mission following the one in progress


8:30 AM Registration & Air open
9:00 AM Chronograph Open; Limit 280fps
9:30 AM Rules & Orientation
10:00 AM Teams Organize and Mobilize
10:30 AM Game on! (Missions 1 thru 3)
1:00 PM Lunch – Game Pauses
1:45 PM Game Resumes (Missions 4 thru 7)
5:15 PM Stand Down
5:30 PM Prizes, Awards, and Event Ends
6:00 PM Event Ends


The Future of Scenario Paintball is HERE! Mission Paintball is recreational paintball gaming mixed with short story lines, characters, and props, Mission Paintball games are played in timed segments much like traditional “capture the Flag”. Each team has certain goals or objectives to complete during each game segment. Successful goals and objectives are rewarded with points to overall team scores.

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