Upcoming Events

Open Play for Walk On-Players

Reservations for Groups of 15+ available anytime with reservations. Call 724-775-6232. Open Play Days : Every Saturday/Sunday 12-5pm Open Walk On Play is 12-5pm. If you are planning on attending a call would be appreciated so we can staff... Read More »

AirSoft ~ Operation: COACO ~ June 25

Operation: COACO This scenario will be produced by Green Lightning Productions and AMPED AirSoft. We will be utilizing the existing playing field and adding additional fields never before used for AirSoft. Green Lightning Productions is bringing a different brand... Read More »

‘NAM: Tour Of Duty ~ July 8th

NAM: Tour of Duty July 8, 2017 – Saturday Engage in a masterful collection of Vietnam War themed battles and objectives delivered Mission Masters style! Turn back time to a war fought between 1965 and 1969 in the war-torn... Read More »

Day Of Days: D-Day~Aug 12th

August 12th This is the third Paintball Scenario event of the season so join in on another great day at TRP. Produced by the guys .68 caliber this D-Day Beach Landing scenario is not to be missed. On August... Read More »

UnDead Island 2 ~ November 11

UNDEAD ISLAND 2: Kuru’s Revenge November 11, 2017 – Saturday Two years ago the evil Dr. Kuru developed an infectious pathogenic virus and tested it on researchers, wildlife, and the ancient burial grounds of a small faraway Island known... Read More »